We can undertake and achieve your most complex designs

About d’Aciers Trans-Rol Inc.

About Us

Trans-Rol is a company founded in February 2000, specializing in custom steel fabrication.  It is thanks to our dynamic team, possessing the expertise to produce various and complex designs, that we can assure your peace of mind and rigorously respect our commitments.  Our quality of work and quick turnaround for deliveries will meet all of your expectations.  We are driven by challenges and problem solving.

Our facilities, equipment and CWB certification alloy us to fabricate your designs in carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum, as per your drawings and specifications.  We work primarily with AutoCAD and Solidworks.  The advice that we offer along with our attention to detail and the capacity to detect anomalies in certain designs will certainly save you time and money.

We take care of the shop drawings, material preparation such as cutting, forming, rolling, etc.…complete with assembling, welding, in shop trial fits, surface finishing such as paint and galvanizing and prepare your items for shipment.  We deal with a multitude of subcontractors so to offer you a turnkey product.

  • Raw materials (carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum)
  • Laser cut, plasma cut , flame cut
  • Machining, heat treating, stress relief, forming and rolling superior to our in house capacities
  • Hardware, fittings, expansion joints, plastics
  • Surface finish: sandblast and paint, passivation, galvanizing, metallizing, vulcanizing, anodizing
  • Ingineering, weldinpections (NDT's), packaging, transport, installation
We can undertake and achieve your most complex designs